Todd Boesen

Brule County, South Dakota

Jan 27 | 07:31 AM

So now that we are all energized from the soil health conference let's here some plans of stepping outside the comfort zone of what your mabey gonna try to implement this year? personally here I'm still gonna see if I can get some intercrop and relay type stuff to work. Moving forward with developing a compost and compost extracts program. Also looking to expand my zero synthetic fertility acres. grazing side we are gonna work on some twice over stuff and see if that can push us further in that system. Also more bale grazing and setup of that system

SDSU Extension

Jan 26 | 10:12 PM

I am wondering if some of us that have significant soil snow cover could go out and check soil conditions under the snow and report back? I'm going to use a soil probe and shovel in field with cc. Those without probe could use a rod? Check to see if frozen, wetness and other conditions. I'm interested to see if cc is green? What do you think?

Jan 26 | 12:58 PM

After an amazing Soil Health conference, keep learning at the Spink soil health workshop on Feburary 21st. we are bringing David Brandt back to SD!!


Jan 25 | 04:03 PM

Fantastic Soil Health Conference! Thank you for attending, sponsoring, supporting and sharing your experiences with us all!

Jan 25 | 02:58 PM

We had a full house for the McPherson County Conservation District Winter Workshop on January 18th in Long Lake, SD. The event featured Lee Briese, an agronomist and soil health enthusiast, and Cristin Weber, a Pheasants Forever Precision Ag and Conservation Specialist. Throughout the evening, local producers engaged in conversations on what causes soil salinity and how to manage these acres.

Jan 20 | 03:50 PM

is there anybody out there that is working with compost and compost extracts Or teas. that will be attending the soil health conference this coming week I would sure like to sit down and visit with you about it

Jan 18 | 02:36 PM

Has anyone used a ready to mix compost extract such as bio 5 on dry land crop in an area that gets less than 20” of rainfall per year on average and seen any positive results? Wanting to cut back on commercial fert in our no till wheat, milo, and safflower.

South Dakota Soil Health Coalition

Jan 17 | 02:29 PM

The afternoon speakers at the 2023 Gettysburg No-till Event are SDSU Extension IPM Coordinator Phil Rozeboom discussing red sunflower seed weevils and agronomy consultant Dr. Lee Briese leading a soil health discussion!

South Dakota Soil Health Coalition

Jan 17 | 10:56 AM

There's a great turnout for the 2023 Gettysburg #NoTill Event despite the icy roads this morning! Things are kicking off with John Breker, soil scientist for AgVise Laboratories, discussing acid soils! #SoilHealth


Jan 16 | 07:34 PM

There are some products like this product call Excavator that claims to speed up residue breakdown. As a long term notiller I would NOT be in favor breaking down residue faster as I want as much ground cover as possible and I always have residue breaking down and releasing nutrients In established notill. My question is would this be a beneficial product to use the first 3 or 4 years a person is transitions to help with residue breakdown and nutrient release? Any thoughts?