Carl Vondrak

Plymouth County, Iowa

Dec 06 | 08:16 PM

Would anyone be interested in a 12 row 30 inch interseeder? It's built on an old 378 White cultivator frame. 4 of the rows have double disc openers from an old Massey drill and 8 have a row cleaner mounted backwards in the back. There are also hoses mounted on it that were used for applying liquid fertilizer although the pump and controls are not with it. I have not used it myself, but the guy I bought it from said it worked good but didn't have time for the project.

Dec 01 | 08:05 AM

question for the group. I have recently been researching agroforestry, specifically silvopasture and high diversity nut/berry production with livestock. does anyone know of anybody in SE SD doing anything like that? thanks!

Patrick Toomey

Garretson, SD 57030, USA

Nov 29 | 02:41 PM

Anyone interested in starting a prescribed burn association in Minnehaha Co? I'm in the process of thinning my pasture of 12 acres of cedars and am a little worried about seedings but don't have the equipment or man power for a burn by myself. any insights would be great!


Nov 10 | 09:40 PM

Corn Stalks: how do I figure about how long corn stalks will last with 125 bu corn on 55 acres for 83, 1200 pound cows?


Nov 08 | 08:40 PM

See Resources’s at the NDSU DREC website and Wisdom shared with over 60 years worth of practice and research.


Nov 06 | 09:31 PM

Found these in August in an irrigated corn field. Any ideas what it is?


Oct 26 | 06:10 PM

Might not be much green in the fields after this weekend 🥲

SDSU Extension

Oct 09 | 12:27 PM

Why cant' this look like it is counter productive to the producer/landowner?

jeff hamilton

Beadle County, South Dakota

Sep 29 | 02:41 PM

Ido have cleaned rye with a germ test and noxious weed test for sale. If interested please call 605 350 0525

Sep 28 | 09:21 AM

Does anyone in their network know of someone that is using Johnson Su Bioreactors? I would like to visit with them over the fall/winter.