Sep 14 | 09:26 AM

Feist Family Tour Ludlow, SD


Van Mansheim

Colome, SD, USA

Sep 11 | 02:30 PM

I'm looking to interseed an old alfalfa stand this fall with a cereal grain. What are some Do's and Don't's? Is timing critical? Can I hurt the existing alfalfa? Which cereal would you recommend? How many pounds to interseed?

Sep 06 | 07:53 AM Does anyone have any experience with the articles behind the payeall? Is there useful information there for farmers who are into maximizing soil health, or is it mainly an advertisement for equipment manufacturers?


Aug 31 | 07:14 PM

Gullies. I am watching harvest crews maneuvering around major washouts. In native grasslands Mother Nature grows tall, rank grasses in these high water flow areas. When the channel flows it lays the tall grass over and it becomes armor that protects the soil. What can we do to make something like that doable in cropland? Or what else is working for you?

Aug 19 | 11:01 AM

Come check our garden tour, focusing on notill gardens and soil health practices

South Dakota Soil Health Coalition

Courtney Geppert

Roscoe, SD 57471, USA

Jul 31 | 02:32 PM

Ready for a great evening at the Reducing Salinity with Cover Crops Tour in Roscoe, SD.

SDSU Extension

Jul 29 | 12:53 PM

seeding cc or soil health school, takes a total team effort!


Jul 28 | 10:20 PM

Any one have experience with soil nitrogen levels in corn that fails from drought. We applied nitrogen for 180 bushel corn about 125 units of N. If we stay on the drier side so we don’t loose nitrogen to leaching I am expecting to see good residual nitrogen in the soil (I maybe wrong). If we do see soil nitrogen this fall considering planting winter wheat or rye to try and use this nitrogen. Anyone ever tried this? I know it is risky with the possibility of scab but seems like there is a potential to use the nitrogen instead of planting beans and just wasting the residual nitrogen. Any thoughts??? Picture isn’t to serious but doesn’t look as good anymore since the 100 degree heat the last few days, a lot more brown on leaves now.


Jul 28 | 01:57 PM

Combining Rye same round as previous video but with 200#43-0-0-3


Jul 28 | 01:38 PM

Combining Rye video No-Nitrogen test strip